Frequently Asked Questions

What is ESRO?

It is Educational and Social Research Organisation. For details please click here

What type of organisation is this?

This is a constituted ‘Trust’

Is this an Unregistered Trust?

No, this is a Registered Trust

I could see the inclusion ‘research' in the name: what kind of research do you conduct and why?

In the field of education and social life we come across a lot of inconsistencies, inequalities, disparities, deprivations between different strata of the society. Students belonging to the economically weaker sections could not purse their education to a desirable higher level. Due to poverty there are 30% of dropouts at the primary school level. We have to research on this incidence and find out the remedial measures to cure these ills of the society. This is our area of research.

Understandably this would involve the need for sizable funds. How would you able to manage?

We look forward to the support of kind hearted, generous people. Every individual to volunteer their support both in cash and kinds besides their human efforts and experiences.

Are donations to your Trust exempt from income tax?

Yes. Contributions to ESRO are exempt from income tax under income tax exemption rules 80G.

How could one get involved in ESRO?

One can become a member by furnishing the details called for in the prescribed application form given below and forwarding it to the address given there in.

What is the status of a person when he or she gets Into ESRO: Is one a member or a volunteer?

Doesn’t make any difference, A member is a volunteer and vice—versa

Can any one become a volunteer'?

Yes to begin with. Subsequently in one might exhibit a few or more basic intension of free frank selfless service to fellow beings, Find pleasure in seeing a smile on the face of the less fortunate lot by one’s service to them. One has to develop the ability and practice to console the troubled heart.

Would this be possible? Could this ever happen?

One has to confident, enough turn things to the good of the people. Leaving life to decay for some without a measurable meaningful remedy- is a point to ponder over. Service to society is praise worthy. So let us do our bit to make life pleasant every’ where. What is needed is sympathy and kindness towards the less fortunate beings.