ESRO focuses and believes every student needs to have access to quality education and poverty shouldn’t hamper their progress. To achieve this, the Educational and Social Research Organisation provides grants and scholarships to deserving meritorious students from underprivileged and low-income families. Thousands of students have been benefited through our aid. They are now successfully pursuing higher studies in medicine, engineering, and arts and science courses. The organization has also adopted schools to improve its quality of education. We also conduct classes and highlight career options for school dropouts.


ESRO aims to

  • Help Tamil Nadu youngsters achieve their educational dream.

  • Improve the quality of education.

  • Involve students in research-based activities.



ESRO has been giving vocational training in tailoring and embroidering for unemployed women. By this, we are creating an identity for them as ‘informal workers’. We tell them the importance of been financially independent and prepare them for the same. We have also been creating awareness on sex education, gender equality, and human rights. Our main goal is to increase self-confidence among women from underprivileged backgrounds, make them financially stable by teaching them necessary skills and make them leaders for tomorrow. We further give them training in personality development. We want women who seek help from us to be,


  • Socially and economically stable.

  • Know a skill and make money out of it.

  • Aware of gender equality and domestic violence.



We at ESRO believe in making changes at the grass-root level. Rural development for a country like India is massive and we are taking it in a phased manner. From talking about sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS to creating awareness on global warming and climate change, we have come a long way. However, we know that there is still a long way to go and our volunteers are tirelessly working for uplifting our rural population. Some of the initiatives taken by us are,


  • Educate people not to defecate in the open area.

  • Civil society program in poor areas

  • Teach radio & TV repair operations, computer, mobile phone servicing, and electronic appliances.

  • Conduct health camps in rural and slum areas


We have taken up a mission to educate rural people of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.



ESRO is committed to safeguarding our environment and is constantly coming up with ways to create awareness, take action and find an alternate solution. Dr. EKT. Sivakumar has written innumerable books on various topics under environmental conversation. The NGO has also conducted program on clean water and sanitation. If volunteers want to work for environmental care at ESRO, here are some of the things they can concentrate on.

  • Initiation of research activities on environmental pollution and mitigate consequences of natural disaster.

  • Create awareness about civic sense regarding disposal of domestic waster and keep villages and cities clean.

  • Educate people about the expected global warming and its serious effects on all living organisms on earth.

  • Identifying air, land, groundwater pollution areas and take sustainable environment-friendly measures.



Dr. EKT. Sivakumar’s ESRO has been protecting and taking care of differently-able people since its inception. We have been providing monetary support, shelter, education, and jobs for these god’s children. The lack of access to many necessary medical and support services makes being ‘independent’ a tough game for them. If they need medical, financial, or educational support, they can always knock on the doors of ESRO. We provide them with


  • Educational Grants

  • Jobs

  • Treatment for their illness

  • Therapy and counseling

  • Tricycle, walking sticks, and crutches



Educational and Social Research Organisation works for societal reconstruction. We conduct developmental programmes that at the same time create awareness on various issues that affects people. We have actively conducted awareness programmes and campaigns on cancer and HIV/AIDS. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in India. It is said that nearly 9.6 million people die from this disease every year and half a million death happen due to ignorance of the disease. A lot has been done as an outreach programme, but a lot has to be done too. In the future, we the ESRO are planning to conduct:


  • Support groups

  • Rehabilitation therapies

  • Cancer awareness programmes in rural areas

  • Guide to necessary precautions for cancer and AIDS patients

  • If possible, conduct free tests.



ESRO can proudly say that it has a well-connected, agile volunteer group that has been working along with frontlines from last year in the fight against COVID-19. We have provided relief materials, funds, and food to people affected by the deadly coronavirus. We have assisted people and distributed relief materials for displaced families during floods. ESRO has also conducted blood donation camps. Once things began to come back to normal, we are planning to organize


  • Awareness drive on diabetes

  • Health check-up camps.

  • Awareness programs on raising lifestyle-oriented diseases and their cure.



ESRO is started with the only aim of helping people from different walks of life in whatever we can. This means, we also help in building talents and also identifying them. We organize training programs for school or college students and even dropouts to give them a chance to reanalyze their life and enable them to live independently. We conduct vocational courses, training in computer programs, and other life skills for needy students, destitute women, and differently-abled. ESRO is associated with G Talent Pro, a next-gen talent platform to build talents across the country and aid in placements. G Talent Pro is the free career platform to find aspiring and suitable jobs. Some of the courses that we have done in the past include


  • Digital marketing course

  • Computer training

  • Tailoring and embroidering


We also intend to do, candle making workshop, domain-specific training, how to start a business online, work from home business for homemakers, and wedding/greeting card making.



We are planning to build STEM (Science, Technological, Engineering, and Mathematics) labs in rural parts of India to empower students to become ‘Future Ready’ for great conceptual knowledge and a better understanding of the subjects. The cutting-edge technology is powered by G Talent Pro, a next-gen talent platform to bridge the gap between learning and practical application of concepts. The STEM Camp will help students to reach students and enable student’s creativity and innovation to the next level. The aim here is to make learning fun, interesting and engaging. Dr. EKT Sivakumar has started many initiatives to inculcate the habit of reasoning and logical thinking about school and college students. He is the editor of the Tamil science magazine ‘Valarum Ariviyal’. He encourages students to come up with research articles, experiments that will aid the ever-evolving science world. Our collaboration with Dr. Saran, Founder, and CEO, G Talent Pro is sure to take learning to a different league and set the benchmark for others who wish to do such work for the student community.



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